Manage and steer your entire business with top management driver based modelling and simulations, supported by advanced visualizations and reporting. Plan, forecast and simulate full profit and loss statement. Estimate future contracts and assess portfiolio premiums. Evaluate costs in any of your locations from both global and local perspective. Support your treasury outlook by advanced forecasting of your liquiditity, cash remittance and return on capital. Run multiple scenario analysis on your liquidity and solvency stress testing models. Manage your full ESG reporting according to GRI taxonomy.


Analyze, simulate and plan price and volume change effects of any of input materials on your full portfolio cost. Change your portfolio real-time in any level of your bill of materials. Evaluate margin impact, cost and volume impact together with the detailed carbon footprint for each of your product. Enable detail of material/supplier/location in your carbon footprint calculation. Compare and select the best scenarios based on cost, margin and carbon footprint metrics. Enable standardized reporting according to TFS and SBTI initiatives.

NGO Planning

Empower your organization to run full data collection process for yearly budget creation and rolling forecast creation. Manage the full funding structure including internal funds, donors, grants with automated fund controls and validations. Allocate funds to projects, initiatives and organization structures. Enable full detailed employee and position level plans. Monitor project delivery and project KPIs through the period. Enhance the analysis by narratives, text and document information and full track of your approval processes.


Define company strategy and outlook for longer period based on cost driver calculations. Convert the strategy to the yearly budgetting cycle and rolling forecast cycle in single environment, with global presence of your users. Speed-up your planning and forecasting processes by AI created initial forecast. Empower your organization to quickly develop, change structure and form to best fit the market needs. Manage expected personal cost in detailed employee and position level plans.

Luxury Goods

Manage your product and company level carbon footprint. Run smart data collection on your retail store network, production and supply chain to create a validated and audited view of your product carbon certificate. Analyze market trends from secondary sales platforms and predict optimal product variants.