Replacing the current group planning tool and several fragmented excel universes with one cloud-based platform – SAP Analytics Cloud. Build of more comprehensive data universe for financial and non-financial performance management, forecasting and planning with adjusted KPI framework and processes supporting IFRS 17.


Financial and performance reporting for the company’s CEO and top- management. Single source of truth for the company’s performance evaluation and steering. Dynamic content generation (user role driven), and narration engine, providing further explanation and augmentation of the financial results.

Centralized closing reporting – representing account balances and their ”health“. End-to-end error handling dashboard – main overview of error occurrences within complex data landscape, blending multitude of data source origins.


Company-wide Product Costing platform, allowing easy and continuous prediction of the material costs impact on the finished goods price and profitability. Semi-automated Sustainability reporting cockpit, measuring and tracking the overall CO2 impact of the company’s production.


Plant and company level product costing planning solution providing full support of Standard price budgeting including volume mix cost analysis. Transfer price calculation also included in implemented package.


FTE and Paycost planning solution at position level detail. Cost center planning and allocation of functional costs. Strategic forecasting and budgeting solution.
CAPEX projects planning and reporting.


Implementation of Global Sales Planning process. Semi-automated plan pre- population based on the high-level market indicators. Possibility to plan on several levels of granularity at once, simplifying the planning data provisions for the users.


Projectization tool - monthly projectization preparation for the payroll processing. Sustainability analysis and project balance calculation based on total budget, expenses and forecasted costs. Office costs allocation to project level using staff projectization as a main driver.

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More than 80 completed projects

with the focus on planning, reporting and simulations in SAP Analytics Cloud solutions since 2016.