City Tower in Prague: the Symbol of Modern Architecture and Our New Sanctuary

Prague's Pankrácká Plain hosts the second tallest building in the Czech Republic - City Tower. It rises 109 metres high and consists of 27 above-ground and 3 underground floors, making it not only an impressive panoramic element of Prague, but also the tallest building in the capital. Located in the Prague 4 district near the Pankrác metro station, this building has a special significance for us due to the exceptional environment we have created on the almost topmost 26th floor.

The history of City Tower is full of interesting twists and turns. Originally conceived as the future headquarters of Czechoslovak Radio, construction began in 1983. However, after ten years, the building proved too large for the newly formed Czech Radio, was technologically outdated and contained materials with a high asbestos content. For this reason, the building was sold.

The reconstruction goal was not fulfilled until 2005, a quarter of a century after the original construction process began. It was completed in 2008. Raiffeisenbank became the largest tenant, occupying ten floors.

Some interesting facts about City Tower will certainly surprise you. More than 2,300 tonnes of new steel structures were used during the renovation, the façade consists of an impressive 30,500 m² of glass panes and a total of 800 parking spaces can be found on the underground floors. And what do you know about the lifts? The City Tower boasts 18 lifts that reach speeds of 6 metres per second, making them the fastest lifts in the country. On the 27th floor, you will find the highest restaurant in the Czech Republic, winner of the Michelin Guide's "Bib Gourmand" award for excellent food at an affordable price.

City Tower serves not only as the headquarters of major companies such as Raiffeisen bank, Swiss Life, Avant, NIQ and others. Since spring this year, City Tower has become the home of our company, and you can find the NDC Group logo among these famous names.

Here we are now together creating the next chapter of our corporate history in this architectural gem of the Prague skyline. From the very first moment, we have made every effort to create a beautiful and pleasant environment that welcomes not only our employees, but also our business partners. Overlooking the entire city, it provides an inspiring environment for our work and promotes efficient meetings. From the 26th floor, we have breathtaking views of the beauty of Prague. It is almost the highest we can reach, and it allows us to perceive Prague in all its splendour.

Together we are making history at NDC Group